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Somatic Access BUNDLE! (Masterclass + Live Course Class Package)

We approach Somatics as the exploration of how you physically hold your emotions, and working with your emotions as energy held within the body. It's a full-spectrum, full-being approach.

Gaining this all-encompassing Access requires a consistent practice.

Through five guided sessions (replays from the Somatic Access Masterclass + Live Course), establish your practice over 4-5 weeks using somatic movement, embodiment techniques, breathwork and meditation.

This is how you gain Somatic Access, and how you tap into the essence that is purely, authentically... You.


Somatic Movement + Body Work

Learning how to work with the body and its functions. Building trust and gaining permission to access the body. Grounding your energy and regulating the Nervous System to establish safety.


Waking up consciousness of individual parts of the body (muscles, organs, bones). Granting the body freedom to move and be as it wants to. Accessing a felt sense of awareness.


How to use breathwork as a tool for somatic expression and emotional processing.


How to somatically explore your emotions as energy in the body, cleanse stagnancy & contraction, and connect to past versions of you and help them heal.


Through Somatic Access, I'm not just *telling* you the life you desire is possible, I'm showing you how to get there.

Let's go baby!


I love you,