Alchemize Your Fear Into Freedom

3 weeks of radical healing, transmuting the things that have always held you back into the ones that propel you forward.


Module 1 


  • Ground your energy
  • Identify, then explore limiting beliefs, thought patterns and habitual behaviors.
  • Expand conscious awareness.


Module 2


  • Nervous System healing techniques
  • Cleanse and clear old energetic holding patterns
  • Somatic practices to cultivate safety in the body


Module 3 


  • Open the energetic body
  • Explore full expression physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Uncover a sustainable self-confidence and your co-creation capacity
Dive In

this is a 3-week, self-paced online course.

it is a full mind-body-spirit approach that utilizes movement, meditation, breathwork, EFT/Tapping, journaling and so much more.. intentionally designed to clear the bullsh*t and bring you back to who you are.

You Get


20+ journal prompts to dig into your past and subconscious programming

7 guided meditations

3 breathwork practices

3 exclusive yoga classes

guidance on creating your own EFT/Tapping and body-based expression practices

Lifetime Access to all current and future course material

I'm Ready, Give It To Me