The Core Rising


What matters to me?

I believe nervous system regulation and resiliency is the key to an authentic, fulfilling, wildly abundant life. When we can unlearn all of the rules about who we thought we had to be, and feel safe to embody all that we truly are, that’s when magic happens. Not just within yourself, but in the world. It matters so deeply to me that The Core Rising Method serves you and guides you along that path.

My Truth

Through years of unraveling my own trauma and past experiences, the one thing that has become a true non-negotiable is the freedom to express absolutely all that I am. Not diluting any parts of myself. Not ignoring or shaming myself for being or feeling a certain way… But radically, unconditionally accepting and loving All Parts of who I am. My personal practice, comprised of techniques from The Core Rising Method, creates a sense of safety in my body that allows that full expression to come through with ease, faith and fun.

My Story

But I didn’t always feel so safe to accept myself and be seen so fully. My “healing journey” really began in 2012 - when I was tired of feeling like a mess, and not in control of my life. Throughout the following 10+ years I would shift from a career in media + politics into yoga + somatic healing, unpack repressed memories of childhood trauma, commit deeply to my recovery, and completely change all aspects of my life.. multiple times! Every single step I have taken has brought me into closer, more intimate connection with the Truth, with My Truth, with a deeply rooted sense of safety within myself, with the capacity to fully express and embrace all that I am… and with a burning desire to share this work with the world.

My Truth

Let’s dive in