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What people say

“Truly life-changing”

I’m so grateful to have supported hundreds of people all across the globe. Enjoy these words from special souls, showing up for themselves and doing the work! I worked with Maggie in her 4-week 1:1 Somatic Coaching Program. I came in hoping to further my own somatic practice and learn to better process trauma somatically - I came out with that and more. 

Maggie was fantastic at tailoring our sessions to my needs and creating a four-week plan that followed my journey at the pace my body was capable of/had space for.  Not only is she a master of somatic/body-based practices, which she helped guide me through and teach me, but also she helped me reframe old belief structures, preconceptions, and mindsets in a somatic, trauma-informed way. 

I personally have trauma revolving around attachment and social connection, which Maggie helped me feel safe enough to share and work with. I was even able to feel an intuitive connection with Maggie (a profoundly healing experience on its own).  All in all, my work with Maggie has had a tremendous impact on my personal healing journey and I am ever grateful for our time together.

-David Grosh

“A true gift of co-regulation and safety”

Maggie is a true gift of co-regulation and safety. in her presence, I felt safe, seen, and open to ask questions. Maggie is genuine in her interactions and incredibly knowledgeable. She explains things clearly and leads beautiful body-centered practices that fit each individual's needs in a group setting. She shares and welcomes accommodations, questions, and reflections.

I look forward to continuing work/practice with Maggie in the future because this experience exceeded all expectations and we barely scratched the surface of her wisdom.

- Jillian Parkhurt

“Transformational journey”

Working with Maggie was transformational. The 1:1 Somatic curriculum helped me cultivate skills that continue to shine as vital parts of my journey. I’ve always valued the elements of awareness/impermanence/non-attachement within my yoga and meditation practices and her guidance in learning to work with the body as a safe space within which to receive and process energy has taken those areas to new levels. It’s the classic “simple but not easy”, but so worth it as a foundational piece of whatever one’s path may be, and in developing the ability to take one’s practice “off the mat” and out into life and the world at large.

- Derek Martin

“Incredible support, warmth, wisdom and guidance”

Working with Maggie was INCREDIBLE! I have worked with a lot of different coaches and therapists over the years and Maggie was the one that I immediately felt the most comfortable with. The amount of support she provided us not only during the weekly practice sessions but also in the group chat and 1:1 sessions was so amazing. I love her warmth, and wisdom, and guidance!

- Kori Thompson

“Safe space to share and express”

Maggie created a space where she made me feel very safe to share and explore my vulnerabilities, my humanness and hold space as I progress on my path. She has an amazing quality that helped me notice the subtlety of an emotion or an experience through the words she uses to describe them and the way she then helps navigate the experience.

- Krishit Shah

“Forever grateful for the grace that is Maggie Hayes”

From my living room in Australia to hers in the U.S. I immediately felt like Maggie and I knew each other, and she just got me. From breathwork to movement and affirmations that flowed easily from our sessions, I began to unfurl some long held trauma and fears in the safety of our session. Whatever came up for me Maggie was there holding the space beautifully. 

Now, whenever I feel challenged in my day, I find myself channeling Maggie and imagining what movement or words she would bring in. Forever grateful for the grace that is Maggie Hayes.

- Linda Beuzeville

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