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and access the power that has been dyyyinnggg to come out.


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This is the most intimate, high touch container offered by The Core Rising. In the 1:1 coaching experience, you have the space, resources and support to explore all that you are, and get crystal clear on where you want to be. And we will do the work to bridge that gap through a customized practice protocol designed specifically for you.
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Spots are open for a 3-month or 6-month commitment. 


- Live guided sessions once a week held on Zoom, 60 minutes
- Daily support through Telegram (voice notes, texting)
- A daily practice protocol customized for your needs (movement, meditation, breathwork, journaling - or a combination of 2 or more)
- Free Human Design + Birth Chart reading
- Free access to current and future courses and classes that launch during our container 


Maggie was fantastic at tailoring our sessions to my needs and creating a plan that followed my journey at the pace my body was capable of/had space for.

- David G.


I've learned so much. You have literally helped change my life. Eternally grateful.

-John M.


From breathwork to movement and affirmations, I began to unfurl some long held trauma and fears in the safety of our space. Whatever came up for me, Maggie was there holding the space beautifully.

-Linda B.

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I want the possibilities of this container to EXCITE the hell out of you!! Let's have some fun, yeah?



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