2024 Enrollment Closed

Learn The Core Rising Method of body-based healing for your professional and/or personal practice. This is an approach that intentionally combines somatic and embodiment techniques and traditional yogic practice, presented through movement, breathwork and meditation. These modalities all come together to work with the nervous system in a contained, trauma-informed manner, to safely satisfy the energy you feel, express it, and allow it to process and move through you.

The Work

Group Mentorship

3 weeks of practice, dedicated to the techniques you will learn to teach. This is a time to go within and establish the foundation to your teachings.. which is you. You are the foundation, and embodying this work allows you to effectively share it. Regulate your own nervous system, further your healing and open up the intuition that will continue to guide you and your clients through the work.


Regulation + Safety

  • Somatic Movement + Body Work
  • Nervous System Regulation

Body-Based Processing

  • Working with Survival Energy
  • Energy Movement, Pranayama, Kriya

Experiential Meditation

  • Somatic Tracking
  • Somatic-Inspired Parts Work Practice

Regulation + Safety

  • Somatic Movement + Body Work
  • Nervous System Regulation

Body-Based Processing

  • Working with Survival Energy
  • Energy Movement, Pranayama, Kriya

Experiential Meditation

  • Somatic Tracking
  • Somatic-Inspired Parts Work Practice

Trauma Training

  • Tracking Your Clients
  • Pacing, Sequencing
WEEKS 08 - 12

Practice Teaching

  • Breakout Groups
  • Create Custom Sequences

Teacher Training

Continued practice, study, and application. You will learn the Why behind these body-based techniques, How they support the mind-body healing experience, and trauma-informed tools to safely guide your clients through their process.

Energetics + Business

Business strategy and energetics to scale. This is where you explore how to combine what feels authentic and true to you, with intentional strategy that actually serves your clients. No tricks, no manipulation, just service.


Marketing, Sales and Your Body

  • Build Community and Maximize Your Impact
  • Find the Balance between Authenticity + Strategy, Pre-Planning + Intuitive Creation

Building Your Business Model

  • Where to Begin
  • How to Scale
What's Included

What's Included

  • 14 live calls
    • Centered around practice, lecture and/or strategy
    • Each call is two hours long
    • Every Monday at 12pm (spots available) and 2pm PST (full)
  • Recordings to all live sessions
  • An Online Learning Portal
    • Exclusive, pre-recorded classes
    • Daily practice guidance
  • Lifetime Access to all Course Materials

This is for you if

  • You are ready for a deeper understanding of the link between mind and body, and how to support the mental and emotional experience of both you and your clients' through a body-based approach.
  • You are prepared to practice what you teach, to self-regulate within your own process in order to more effectively and sustainably serve your clients.
  • You are curious, open and ready to bring a new way of healing into the world.
  • You are a coach and entrepreneur and ready to take your work to a new depth.
  • You have the awareness, you have the desire to go deeper, and now, you're ready to receive the tangible tools... to feel them for yourself, and to learn how to translate that felt sense into incredible offers that serve your people and the collective.


The Guide

Maggie is a somatic practitioner focused on strengthening the nervous system through body-based practice.

She has taken her training and personal practice over 10+ years and created The Core Rising Method.

TCR Method feeds Maggie's passion of connecting people to the wisdom of their bodies, because she believes that this connection to Self is the foundation to collective healing and a new path forward.

Enrollment Closed


$3,000 USD



3 monthly payments of

$1,011 USD



I entered The Core Rising Teacher Training as a trauma informed coach, used to talking and asking a lot of questions in my 1:1 sessions. I was working towards the somatic part of coaching, though I felt insecure with it still and didn't really know how to structure sessions. I graduated from this training feeling secure with somatic work. It's crazy how it elevated my 1:1 sessions and my group sessions. I can't put into words how much my inner world changed as well as my outer world since entering this space.

- Lianne Blacquiere

I had manifested a training course from Maggie and was excited and curious when I came into the space. I ended up with SO many supportive tools. Professionally, I feel so confident in how I can support my clients going forward. It feels really good to know l can teach them how to create safety within themselves which is priced less.

- Anh Chau

Maggie leads from a place of open-hearted connection. She can walk people through embodied practice, parts work, and lead more formal education. This requires great devotion and skill. I feel very safe in her presence as a student, client, and practitioner. I have completed two of Maggie's group programs and can assure you that whatever she does, she does with her whole being. I felt an immediate sense of safety and welcoming in her presence. I have no doubt that I will find myself in more programs of hers in the future.

- Jillian Parkhurst

As someone who isn’t currently working in this field the course provided ample opportunities to learn and to practice. It has provided me with a solid foundational knowledge and felt sense of what The Core Rising Method is and how it can help others heal. Maggie has a contagious energy that just leaves you excited for life. She has an ability to allow you to feel what is possible from a place of being present in your body.

- Kathleen Nicholls

Maggie is so talented and knowledgeable. I really felt like she unlocked something in me, almost biologically, that had been so stuck for so long. I have felt so much clearer and high energy since working with her. I just feel a lot more motivated and like I understand myself a lot more. I would recommend working with Maggie for literally anything you feel like you want support around.

- Fiona Lucas