Devotional Healing Academy

Devotional Healing


July 15 - October 4, 2024

This is a space for you to change how you relate to yourself, and how you relate to your past. So often we get stuck in the events of our life, subsequent emotions and patterns because we just don’t know how to work with them.

Facing them feels like too much, and processing them feels like a totally foreign concept.
How do I even do that?
Where do I start?

By using body-based tools to safely work WITH your experience, you can truly change how you feel and operate day to day.

We start by dropping from the mind, into the body. We practice working with our emotions as sensations, instead of cognitive concepts.

And we feel them. Literally, as that sensation.

In DHA, you will learn tools to do that – to connect with your emotions as sensation and grow the safety and capacity needed to feel them.

From there, processing gets to be fun and interesting, and you get to see what’s waiting for you on the other side.

This about shifting into empowered autonomy.
How are you going to live now?
You get to decide.
You choose.

My Truth My Truth

The Work

For 12 weeks, embody practice techniques aligned with nervous system regulation, resiliency and flexibility. Cultivate a body first sense of awareness, and explore tools for emotional processing.

This is done through specific sequencing of somatic movement, breathwork, embodiment techniques, tapping, acupressure, energy cleansing, experiential meditation, inner child healing and more -- gradually building each week to gain deeper access into the body at a sustainable, trauma-informed pace.

“To say DHA has changed my life doesn't begin to grasp what these 12 weeks meant to me.”

-Isabelle Tetu




Regulation & Resourcing


Body Based Processing


Somatic Tracking


Nervous System Resilience & Flexibility




Somatic Expression


Parts Work


Inner Child Work


Breathwork Ceremony




Putting the Work, to Work


Intention & Mindset


Breathwork Ceremony


The Humanness of Healing

“During the program, I noticed changes in my day-to-day behaviour and my bigger capacity to stay with myself and my truth.”

- Lesley Ennis

“The resources shared in the DHA space are amazing and I will be using them forever.”

- Nina Weid

The Details


  • Held every Monday at 1pm MST on Zoom (75-90 min)
  • Replays available, lifetime access
  • Experience a customized practice + discussion on each week's theme for deeper self-discovery and integration


  • Telegram Group for daily text, audio, video messaging and community connection
  • Bonus Practice Sessions + Expert Guest Lectures for additional resources, regulation, embodiment and integration


  • Access to the DHA online group portal, the home of all class replays, recorded practices, journal prompts and more
  • Lifetime Access to current and future course material


Maggie, to say DHA has changed my life doesn't begin to grasp what these 12 weeks meant to me. It feels like the true beginning of something beautiful and powerful and exciting. I have never felt so capable and strong in seeing and being with my whole self, and I have such beautiful tools now to give all the parts of me what they need while remaining whole and stable. You held such a sacred space for all of us, and you set the tone for a truly loving community in DHA. Thank you from all parts of me

- Isabelle Tetu

Maggie is a true gift of co-regulation and safety. Being in her presence, I felt safe, seen, and open to ask questions. Maggie is genuine in her interactions and incredibly knowledgeable. She explains things clearly and leads beautiful body-centered practices that fit each individual's needs in a group setting. She shares and welcomes accommodations, questions, and reflections. I look forward to continuing work/practice with Maggie in the future because this DHA experience exceeded all expectations, and we barely scratched the surface of her wisdom.

- Jillian Parkhurst

Working with Maggie was INCREDIBLE! I have worked with a lot of different coaches and therapists over the years and Maggie was the one that I immediately felt the most comfortable with. The amount of support she provided us in the weekly sessions and beyond was so amazing. I love her warmth, wisdom, and guidance! I can’t believe how much work Maggie put into creating DHA. Everything was so well-thought out and I felt like I was receiving so much more than my money’s worth! Plus it’s literally JAM-PACKED with resources and I can’t believe I have lifelong access to them all! That is such an incredible gift.

- Kori Thompson

Maggie was wonderful. She expertly created a safe, loving, and supportive space for each participant to get the most from her program. Her natural ability to empathize, no matter where someone is in their healing journey, and provide just the right guidance to help them progress, was remarkable. She consistently set conditions to get the most out of the program, and I'm so grateful for the experience of working with her in DHA.

- Jon Paul deLange

I am so thankful that I took part in DHA. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I would recommend that you invest in yourself by doing this course. It was like I started with a corkscrew in my back and each week, it released itself. There are so many tools I can reach for now to support myself as I continue my healing. It has been beautiful and I am very grateful to Maggie for doing this work and sharing her experience.

- Lesley Ennis

Maggie created a space where she made me feel very safe to share and explore my vulnerabilities, my humanness and hold space as I progress on my path. She has an amazing quality that helped me notice the subtlety of an emotion or an experience through the words she uses to describe them and the way she then helps navigate the experience.

- Krishit Shah

DHA gave me tools to handle emotional situations and helped me understand my autonomic reactions to specific situations. During the program, I noticed changes in my day-to-day behaviour and my bigger capacity to stay with myself and my truth. Maggie created a beautiful and safe space and together with the support of the amazing group, I felt so held during our time together. The resources shared in the DHA space are amazing and I will be using them forever. Thank you Maggie for this wonderful and deep experience.

- Nina Weid

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